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You can easily change and update your personal information from within the My Account section of your Wonga profile.

From there, you can:

Cancel/delete your account

Update your account

Having your personal details seculey stored on Wonga servers ensures that you don’t have to go through the tiresome process of filling out the application form every time you want a loan. However, make sure that these details are always correct and up-to-date as Wonga places a large importance on honesty and trust when evaluating potential applicants.

Personal Details

Log in to your Wonga account to update your personal details. Sign in to update your name, physical address, email address, create a new password or opt out of marketing and communication from Wonga.

Payment Details

You can also edit your bank account details (where Wonga will deposit the loan and retrieve the back payment from) and add a secondary account. If there are more than one account, you will also be able to set which one is the primary one.

Early repayments

If you find yourself not needing the loan for as long you thought and can repay early, Wonga welcomes you to do so. Save on interest expenses and improve your Wonga trust rating by repaying your loan by logging into your Wonga account.

Overdue accounts

You’ve taken out a loan and didn’t have the money in your account on the day of repayment at 5pm. Sign in to your Wonga account to settle overdue accounts.